Hiya all

Hiya all

Welcome from the library in Mindolo!

Yesterday we  took a small group of the ladies with HIV out to their maize field . They are amazing and do really carry huge weights on tier heads. Got stuck while turning on the badly rutted roads. Had on the all the sun clobber.

Everyone has been so friendly. Was at Play4all this morning. Some of the poverty is horrendous.

Will email Elspeth as the person in the library has very fond memories of a wonderful lady.

Wont stop to upload photos just yet as I think that library closes soon. will try and write updates then upload them

Met Rebecca from New York who is here teaching in the college and there is another partner who is here from C of S who I have not met yet.

Meeting Queen Lutinda tomorrow to see what I do with her. Saw some people waiting for clinic this afternoon in awful states of health.

Jenny cooking tonight

Will end this on now.
all very well here
love All

All Is Well

Have received a text from Moira and all is well having been introduced to several people already. I must congratulate her on setting up a Zambian subscriber identity module in the spare unlocked phone she took with her so quickly

That Is Moira Away

Aberdeen Airport departing the 14:05 for Heathrow then to Lusaka

My cake from wonderful colleagues on my retiral

Cake from collegues

Cake from colleagues

thank you to all my colleagues for the cake and to Ashleigh’s efforts to have a picture of me and Jean printed on the icing, but had to resort to decorating it herself. A job well done.

They also presented me with a kindle for the quiet moments of my trip and a further £140 towards the fund-raising for the work in Kitwe, Zambia of Mission partner, Jenny Featherstone.

It has been such a busy week I have not had any real time to think about being retired. I just haven’t been at work!

Thank you to all who made my final few days in the team and as a CPN so very special and for the donations of nursing books, spectacles, mobiles, calculators, wool and embroidery threads.

Keep up the great work folks.


Packing Nearly Complete

Yes nearly there with the baggage including many donated items which will be left there for hand up use. May I also say thank you to the many who have and are supporting. Well this is Moira’s Blog/online diary/newsletter so I will not blether on.