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The information below about Play 4 All was written by Jane, the project manager at Play 4 All. Jane is a local Zambian Girl working hard with the volunteers to improve what they can in their local compound so is therefore much more able to write about Play 4 All than I ever can.  I have included Jane’s pictures about P4A at the end. MoiraX


There is nothing more special than the sound of a child’s laugh and that’s the most precious thing every parent, uncle, auntie, grandpa and grandma, neighbour and all around the world love is children. (The baby in this picture below is Faith Sante)

I would like to share the project that is in Zambia Kitwe, (Play 4 All Kamatipa) my names are Mwenda Jane and am the project manager for the same program.
Play for all was found in 2012 January by Jenny Featherstone. A soft and kind hearted woman full of love and peace. (Jenny in blue t shirt.)
Play 4 All is an N.G.O which is changing lives through play.
The place gives the kids a surrounding for them to play and feel at home, and learn through play. The organization has 16 volunteers, who help to look after the kid’s at Play 4 All. It is open from Monday to Friday (in the picture our helpful volunteers)

Children learn a lot through play we play some games like;
Jenga which teaches them a lot about being stable. A game played by 2 or 4 people

Football, this sport brings the people together, this is the favourite sports for kids, football teaches a lot, about group work, communication, and love.

Draughts, this game is more like maths; it makes us to think on how to move and above. They enjoy and loves it most when the reach the kings part, the like it because a king moves freely.(in the picture the kids playing draft with the volunteer)

Puzzles, they struggle and work in a group in order to complete, you would to see their happiness and smiley faces when they finish, they also identify what they have made, it makes them happy to complete a puzzle, and they go running around shouting and jumping say we made a girl or house through the puzzle.
Ichiyenga: this is a traditional game it teaches them how to count it is played by 2 or 6 people, putting the stones in the circle and taking all the stones out and by leaving one outside. They are so many games that we play with children.

Kamatipa a community where living isn’t all that good, or even well for children about 80% of children don’t go to school, they go on moving around to place where they can find something to eat or anything to do and that is very dangerous for the children to go around wondering, that’s why the case of kids going missing was very high some years ago, so by putting up [play for all, kids don’t go moving around anymore they come at play for all to play and they feel free to ask for whatever they want . the volunteers are very helpful they take care of them and see to it that the kids are having fun.
Every Wednesday and Friday we usually have what we call talent show, where the kids show there talent, they draw, some lovely pictures so we provide them with papers, crayons and pencils and we enjoy being around them too.
This is Andrew doing some painting, he is more into art.
And that’s the sand pit. It gives space to build their sand cars, houses and some sand castle.
We have been facing a lot of challenges around this place
We have been robbed 3 times
And we don’t have water and electricity at the place
The kids that come to play they come with empty stomach, so I think it could a good idea if we can introduce the feeding program, at least giving them porridge
Personally I have been having challenges with person who almost attacked me last week.
A lot of security is need at this place for our work to be more safe.
A lot of kids don’t go to school so it’s also best if we can be introducing them to some basic level of education like it’s done to the volunteers. To the volunteers they have a literacy program, they are able to read, understand and write in English.

Above all play for all is good organization and thanks to Jenny and all who are helping this program to be possible.
We normally celebrate Independence Day and we have 2 weeks workshops for the volunteers every year.
More children are changing for the better.
Thanks goes to Methodist church of Scotland, Moira Lee, Rachael Kalaba and all the donors. May the Lord bless you all.

Written by Jane Mwenda Play 4 All project manager.
Cell.+260962266906. Zambia.
Facebook: play 4 all.

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