How the donations were spent in 2015

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Here is the shopping list of items that was sponsored for my trip in 2015.

Thanks to the many people who donated directly in either sponsoring an item/s or in kind for me to take to Zambia,or the bibles and puzzles purchased here.The remainder of the items like footballs were purchased in Zambia or  the frame and netball/ basketball hoops which were made locally in Kamatipa.

For those who donated money but were happy for me to make the decision how the money was spent once I was  in Zambia, Play 4 All was able to have more repairs done on the building. the porch area of the Play 4 All building was  recemented, another strong padlock for increased security, and a new pump for the balls. I have also left about £45 with Jenny to use for replacing items in due course.

Lego                                                               Donations of used Lego by Andrea and Alan
Floor puzzle x1                                                   Isobel W.
Puzzle set x1                                                        Gillian
Jigsaw cubes 2                                                    Isobel W and Hilary A.
Wooden dominoes                                               Gillian F.
Puzzles and memory games                              Gillian S.
Netball / basketball hoop x 2                                          Nicola and Patrick x 1 and Lyndsay x1
Netball’s                           1 by Mairi and Gordon. 1 by Elizabeth, 1 by Lyndsay
Footballs                 1 by Jean, 1 by Elizabeth,  1 by Lyndsay  and 1 by Gillian         shirts for volunteers    2 sponsored by Mairi and Gordon                                 Rush mats for porch                                       4 sponsored by Andrea and Alan
Toys for sand pit various      Marion, Rosemary, Gwen, Moira and clinic girls.
Table                                                               Norma G
Bags of cement X 5                               6 by Christine N
Climbing frame and swing                                    Irene                                              Building stones                                                            Norma G

Open donations were given by Alan, David and Angela, Frances, Marion, Drew, Moira, Shirley, Shona, Kate, Amanda and Laura and Dave.


Dyce Rotary Club doantion of £250 will help subsidise mentruation kits to approximately 120 girls and prevent them missing any more schooling.


Blood pressure machines.    4 donated with Masuku clinic getting two and Mwandi mission hospital getting      two.

Thank you Sheila M, Christine M and Jenny B.
Thermometers                   10 thermometers shared between Mwandi mission, Masuku village clinic and Play 4 All
Urine testing strips         6 bottles of 100 test strips shared between Mawandi mission and Masuku clinic.

Auroscope                         Donated by Jenny B. and went to Mwandi mission.

For  students -Buns and peanut butter- Sponsor lunch for 15 students for 1 week.  Thanks to Karen the students will not have to sit their exams hungry in 2015.


With donations from Myrtle and Charlie I was able to assist Kabutu in buying enough Maize seed and fertiliser to increase  the size of the potential crop which will provide food and income for the elderly group in Kandabwe. Now in November with the rains starting lets pray for a bountiful crop for them.


Lap top                1 donated by Graham and Laura and now used to help with designing products in Chodort.
Mobile phones          Kabutu now has a new phone.
Single vision reading glasses.  30 people will now benefit with the reading glasses donated by Jenny.

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