Chodort Training Centre, promotional video

Chodort Training Centre in Choma Zambia is part of the Ministry of the United Church of Zambia with the Methodist Church in Dortmund Germany .

Jenny was asked to transfer to Chodort to take over as Principal in 2012 when the previous principal and one of its founders, Rev. David Nixon returned to Ireland.

I am currently working on this page, in the meantime here is some pictures of Jenny and students at Chodort. Also have a look at the Chodort facebook page for more background and see the promotional video below.

Chodort was set up to meet the needs of young vulnerable people who had some schooling but for various reasons unable to finish and therefore not able to go into further training. It provides carpentry, tailoring, computer studies and now hospitality training. Many of the students cannot afford the fees and are sponsored by various people and organisations.

Cheers just now Moira