Shopping list for organisations in Zambia

Hi, how are you?

Here is the shopping list of items I would love to be able to take out to Zambia with me or purchase once there with the money donated. ALL of the money you donate will go to purchasing the item, either here or in Zambia. You can donate for one specific item if you wish or towards a bigger item. It is up to you. The list reflects the need at this time. If I raise more than the total here then there are plenty other things they need as well! The money will be well spent. I have not included things like fertilizer for Kabutu to sow crops for the Kandabwe group or Caroline with the orphans and Albino community as I have to stop the list somewhere but please contact me if you wish more information on any of the people or organisations.

I do not have a just giving page or alternative. Please contact me via email at to give directly either by cheque or cash which I will then bank  for traceability. That way 100% of what is donated goes to the organisations I support. I am happy  to show accounts  of how the money is used and I will post pictures here of what is bought in Zambia.

Play 4 All has a new website at  Go have a peak at some wonderful pictures of what they are doing there. 

Thank you in advance for your generosity.  Moira x

The items that are scored through have already been purchased or had the money sponsored for them.

** These items will be bought in Zambia

*** These are approximate prices for now. When I come to purchase I will get the best price possible for the  money donated.

Have a look at the FACEBOOK and new WEBSITE link for Play 4 All and my previous posts to see what it  is they do. They have had two break-ins to there building and desperately need to replace what was stolen and what they have is very well used and needs replacing!

Lego                                                   Any donations of used Lego welcome, even a handful!
Floor puzzle x1                                   190/1452 Argos *  £9.99
Wooden dominoes x 2                        749/3263 Argos * £10.99 each
Puzzles and memory games              194/5669 Argos * £10.99
Netball / basketball hoop x 2                                           £30.00 *** approx for 2
Netball’s  X 6         (2 left to sponsor)                             £12 each **
Footballs x 6              (2 left to sponsor)                         £12 each **
Rush mats for porch X 4                                                  £3 each **
Toys for sand pit various                                                  £32  **
Table X 1                                                                            £20 **
Building repairs                                                                £45 **
Wood climbing frame including labour to build                £400 **
Bags of cement X 5       (3 bags left to sponsor)             £9 each **
Swing – material and labour                                             £45 **
Building stones                                                                £30 **                                               
T shirts for the volunteers with Play 4 All logo.               £5 each (2 sponsored so far.)**


MASUKU CLINIC I will be assisting with some basic health screening there, but they have no equipment. Masuku is in the bush about 60 kilometres from Choma town.

Thermometers X 10                                                          £50

Blood pressure machine x 4 have been purchased  through donations.                                   Urine testing strips x 8  packs of 100 strips have been purchased through donations

For  students -Buns and peanut butter- Sponsor lunch for 15 students for 1 week. £10.00 Have had 1 week sponsored so far. More weeks will be very welcome.


Lap top or similar                                                    Donate one you no longer need
Mobile phones (unlocked to provider in UK)           Donate one you no longer need


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