Greetings everyone and welcome to my Zambian blog

Greetings and thank you for finding My Zambian Blog
The following blog is a written and pictorial account of my three visits to Zambia as a volunteer since May 2012. The ‘journey’ to my first visit to Zambia started some years before and proves you never quite know what will be in your path, but that you must respond to the nudging and opportunities you get.
Zambia and its people are beautiful. Much of what you may read first about some African countries can focus on the negative and lump all African countries together. Africa is a huge diverse continent.  Zambia’s people are warm and joyful, proud of their country, know their national anthem, dance and sing whenever they can, attend church and rejoice on what God has done for them. Does this sound like a country with grinding poverty, going to bed hungry and getting up hungry, 40% of people not in paid formal employment, families torn apart because of HIV and other preventable illnesses, not all children in education? Does it? Does it fit our picture of life here in UK?
Concepts of what is important in life for me have been turned upside down. Strangely it is not when you arrive in Zambia that you feel the difference. You see the difference yes, but you get immersed in everyday life during your time there. (Volunteering is NOT a holiday or sightseeing, though, you can and must make time for the exploration of the country as well) it is on your return, and most people I have spoken to report a sense of being unsettled at the least, then they look around and see all that we have available to us here in the UK and wonder if we are any happier or contented? Everyone’s experience will be different and the following blog is my experience. You may not agree with all that I have written and that is OK. All that I ask is you read it and enjoy hopefully, then contact me if you want to comment or find out more.
There are pages along the top where I am gathering together, hopefully in a more orgnised way,  the information and pictures from the organisation and people I have become involved with since my first visit. This part is still a work in progress. The blog part starts prior to my first visit and is written mostly while I was in Zambia, which will explain any gaps. Each of my visits have been about 8 weeks in duration, which does give you longer to get immersed in life there.
I have had some very special people support me in being able to travel to Zambia, namely my husband Dave and daughter Morag. While in Zambia it is Jenny Featherstone, mission partner with the Church of Scotland and the Methodist church in England who hosts me and looks after me so well. The other wonderful people that I have come to know and love while in Zambia I hope you will meet as you explore my blog.
Thank you for reading this far.


Love and blessings


Moira Lee


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