A fond farewell to Zambia.

I am now home in Scotland and getting used to the lack of sunshine! Had some time to reflect on my time in Zambia. Life in Zambia challenges your senses and your own beliefs of what you think you need to live. I have included some more pictures of my final days in Zambia; however pictures can only tell you parts of the story. I hope I have shared with you the hope of Zambia, the joy of Zambia and Zambians, the hard work of Zambians, the challenges of Zambia and the future for Zambia. I have spoken throughout my blog of the faith and trust that the people of Zambia have in our God, of how they give thanks for the small things. Whatever your faith or beliefs or non, I believe it is why they are such a happy joyful people they are to be around, how peaceful they are with themselves, feel blessed to be in Zambia and so very proud of their country.
I have written about the Days for Girls project to provide affordable sanitary protection which will allow girls to attend school without breaks. Play for All is also very close to my heart and I will continue to support them as well as Kabutu in Kandabwe and Caroline with the albino people group and the orphans she cares for.
I have taken home some items made in Zambia like woven baskets, wooden bowls and materials, some already made into things like bags and table mats. My hope is that maybe you will purchase an item and I will then send the profits back to Jenny in Chodort Training Centre to allow her to subsidise the cost of the Days for Girls sanitary packs for the most vulnerable they are now making . www.daysforgirls.org   for more information.
Thank you so much for your support and encouragement..

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