Choma Zambia 13th September. My last update finished with my arrival in Choma. To explain a little I had initially planned a shorter trip to see Play 4 All and others, both here in Choma and Kitwe. Jenny however had always wanted to drive herself to Cape town to see friends there, but she needed a co-pilot. Somehow I agreed to accompany her but extended my overall time here to accommodate this. In the days between arrival in Choma and leaving again on the trip I caught up with staff in Chodort and the dire situation in Southern Zambia at present through drought. Prices have rocketed, for the basics like the mealie meal for Nshima that has increased by what is the daily earnings for some. People cannot afford to buy the products that Chodort produce which has affected income to support students and also to pay the very hard working staff. New idea for income are being explored, but this is against a situation that local Zambian people say they have not seen before. It is being reported that rainfall is expected to be ‘normal’ this year, which will help, but will not fill up the dams. The local Choma dam is no more than a puddle for cattle to drink at when it should be flowing freely. At present we are on 6 hours of power shutdowns to conserve electricity as it relies on the Kariba dam to generate power. It is planned to go up to 12 hours daily by the time the rains start. The rural villages are being worst hot, as though they do not rely on electricity, the food and water situation is having a big impact. No crops and animals are not being fed properly and people are going very hungry. It is hard to describe to others unless you hear it and see it for yourself. While here in Choma, Jenny’s boss from the Methodist church in the UK Dr Bunmi was here for a week which resulted in wide ranging theological discussion as other mission partners had arrived in Choma through coincidence with timing. Two of them, Grace and Daniel are based in Italy to work with the African immigrants to Italy as Grace is from Ghana. Malcolm is now based back in the UK having worked in Mozambique, and now married to a local Zambian and were on there annual holiday to see family here. To the present and after some days of relative rest after the trip to Cape Town I head back via the 12 hour bus journey to Kitwe tomorrow the 14th. To spend more time at Play 4 All. The toilets and shower are finished and the volunteers have been moving things across to the new building. I will update you from kitwe as soon as I can. By for now and God bless. Prayer points for prayer supporters are: For the rains to start early and be consistent. For food to be available and affordable for those in most need. For ideas for income at Chodort to become fruitful and sustainable. For Jenny’s idea for a citizen’s advice type pilot project through United Church of Zambia in Choma and led by deaconess Mabel to take its next steps. 🇿🇲

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