Welcome to my Zambia story

It is now 2019 and I travel to Zambia again on the 29th of July 2019. If you read further back in my blog or look at the pages and links along the top and side you will be able to read about my previous trips and some of the people who have become very special to me and doing marvelous work in their own communities.

This is my story about my journeys to Zambia since 2012.

I will once again be hosted by Jenny Featherstone, Mission Partner working alongside the United Church of Zambia. When I arrive in Lusaka, Jenny and I will be heading straight up to Kitwe in the Copperbelt Province of Zambia and Play4All in Kamatipa. (there new building and children in 2 of the pictures above) I so admire the resilience of Jane the project leader and the local volunteers that keep Play4All going and the difference it makes to their local community. Play4All have had land purchased for them through the work of a volunteer from Bread for the World, a Christian organisation in Germany and are presently finishing a new building with hopefully plans to install toilets and some solar power! More to come on that developments. I have a suitcase of wooden toys, Bibles for the volunteers and stuff like one way liner material to make the menstruation pads for girls, shuttlecocks, rugby shirts and urine dip sticks. And a tiny space left for my own clothes, though I may try wearing most of them on the way over!

While in Kitwe I will also meet up with Kabutu ( in the blue t shirt above)who started, motivates and encourages a local NGO called Grace of God Services in Kandabwe. He has mobilised support for them with local businesses and is an inspiration. I am sure the welcome from Caroline and the orphans ( the lady in the chair above) she has taken in to her home over the years will be just as warm as last time. Will I be made to dance again though??? Caroline also helps to motivate and support the local Albino population who face stigma and health difficulties unique to them.

After my time in Kitwe I will head to Choma again to catch up and renew friendships with the staff of Chodort Training College which is managed by the United Church of Zambia and whatever else Jenny has lined up for me. As Jenny is no longer the Principal at Chodort having semi retired she will be working two and a half days per week and looking to set up a new initiative in Choma a bit like a citizens advice service through the local churches and an alcohol addiction service. This bit is very much in its infancy so more info later. At present in Zambia inflation is high, and Jenny tells me the lack of rain this year has left the Lake Kariba very low and electricity for those who can afford will be rationed. Also people like the police and postal workers were not being paid which is all very sad.

Zambia faces many other challenges like poor education, poor employment opportunities, women and girls especially who also have the added burden of menstruation and lost days at school and infection to deal with. I have put together a separate page of facts about Zambia to give more detailed information including the United Nations Sustainable development goals https://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/development-agenda/ .

As you can hopefully see the people I have mentioned are all doing what they can to make a difference in their community and I hope I can add to that during my visit and through you following my story that we can all make a difference, even in small ways for others.

I totally finance my own costs getting to and in Zambia. Yes, I will ask for any financial donation you feel you can make to the organisations above as they work on a shoe string. 100% of what you might give is used directly, no director fees or admin costs. I will post another page / list of items as soon as I can to assist in any donation you choose to make. I operate a separate account so if wished you can see the money donated and then taken out again in Zambia. I provide proof with pictures of the items purchased.

What I will ask for just now from anyone local to me in Aberdeen if they have any android mobile phones in good condition and unlocked / sim free I and the recipients in Zambia would really appreciate them. Also a few pairs of knitting needles. Jane hopes to teach the volunteers how to knit and therefore generate some income.

Thank you for reading this far. If you would like to contact me please use the email address in the contact page which you will find a long the top of website. I am in the process of updating some of the pages, but this may take some time!

Thank you and may God bless you greatly


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      How are you?
      I will speak with the local hospital. There are various types of students do placements in the local area during their summer break.

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