This Is Africa.

Hi friends
TIA. This is Africa is a saying here for many things, but for me today it is about sitting in a beautiful setting, in the shade of a tree, water in the distance, water lilies on the water, the most colourful birds feeding close by and so quiet we are whispering to not disturb it.

Why am I so privileged? Today is the day of the interviews for a Vice Principal at Chodort, and as Jenny’s boss from the Methodist church in UK is here, Bunmi and I have been dispatched out of the way to the bush for the day to Masuku Lodge which is about 20 Kilometres from Choma. What a sacrifice it has been!
Back in Choma however it has been a week of seeing more of Choma than ever before as I assisted Mr Mwango to hand deliver the invitations of supporters or board members of Chodort to the opening of the new classrooms on the 13th of October. This meant being invited into the various people’s offices. Nowhere else would it be so easy to get into the bank managers office, the medical directors office, the head teachers office and a seminary. We had to start refusing as it would have been opening day and not all invites delivered! Because ‘This Is Africa’ we have also prepared meals for the applicants as well, never washed so many dishes in ages!
My other activity has been to work on the Chodort website and bring that together. the profit from the carpentry and tailoring workshop is to provide funding for vulnerable students to complete a Chodort course. These two workshops have been renamed as Kulilea Crafts (independence) and I am working on getting that on the website so that it can be seen what Chodort is about with both courses for vulnerable students, the bespoke products that can be made there and for the sponsors of Chodort.

Saturday we will be heading to Batoka about a half hours drive towards Lusaka to meet with a couple who are doing conservation farming and see how that could link in with Chodort.
Dr Bunmi leaves here on Sunday and we take her to Livingstone to meet up with Keith and Ida Waddell who are mission partners’ in Mwandi, to hours north of Livingstone, where she will then spend some days with them supporting their work, though they are soon to transfer to Lusaka. I had the pleasure of meeting Keith on Wednesday night and hearing of their work there in education as Keith was a teacher in Scotland; however they have now become Zambian citizens. I will take the opportunity to stay in Livingstone on Sunday night.

On Tuesday we hope to go to Masuku clinic which is the other side of Choma, about 60 kilometres into the bush. Will keep you posted on that.
Just as I was checking this for posting Saturday morning the internet went down! We have power but clearly the internet provider has not. Power outages are still at 8 hours daily. The rotation though the sequence of being off from 2pm  till 10pm, on again till 6am when you are in bed and off again at 6am till 2pm is the most inconvenient.
Jenny was not able to appoint a vice principal yesterday, so further decisions have to be made on the way forward for Chodort.
Please pray for Chodort training centre, the staff and wisdom for them and Jenny to follow Gods prompting on the way forward.
Give thanks for Bunmi’s visit and her support of Jenny and all the mission partners, both in Zambia and Malawi.

Many thanks to you for reading this.

God bless



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